Thursday, April 12, 2012

Uterus Uterus Uterus (consider yourself warned)

Monday morning Jeff went to work even though he was still not feeling well (as in, not even a little bit). After about 2 1/2 hours, everyone at work just sent him home (he's not one to take the day off just because he's sick - he has the best work ethic of anyone I've ever met - seriously) so, while I was in town grocery shopping he was on his way home so he could rest up and feel better.

That was short lived.

While I was grocery shopping I started to get a sort of "crampiness" in the bottom part of my stomach - like "down low" (does that make sense?). It felt like contracting pressure, but not all over, just on the lower part (please keep in mind that even though this is baby #4, I have never even once had a contraction, so I had no idea if that's what I was experiencing or if it was "normal"). It got worse and worse and I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to drive home (but I had no choice, so I did it). As soon as I pulled up to the house I could see that Jeff was home (hallelujah!) and I went straight up stairs with tears streaming down my face and just said, "I'm so sorry. I know you don't feel good, but I need your help." From there on out he unloaded groceries (and our sleeping four year old) and proceeded to take care of me all. day. long.

It did not get better.

Finally after 3 hours of intense pain - and throwing up and laying down, and squatting, and throwing up some more and standing and just doing anything to get comfortable, which was IMPOSSIBLE - Jeff called my doctor who after listening to my "symptoms" said to immediately go to Labor and Delivery at the hospital to rule out preterm labor. YUCK.

So, my sweet husband (seriously, can you tell I love him? Because I TOTALLY do. He's way more than I deserve, that's for dang sure) who was feeling like total crap himself drove me at an average of 75 miles per hour to the hospital while I sat in the passenger seat trying to breath through the pain and at the same time trying not to throw up in the car.

We spent 4 hours at the hospital where they "checked" me (no labor - thank goodness!!), did a urinalysis and ran some tests, and eventually decided that since the cramping was getting a little better they would prescribe anti-nausea medication and Percocet for pain (I declined the latter) and send me on my way. Nice.

We went and got the prescription filled (and by "we" I mean "Jeff" because I stayed in the car lest I feel like my baby was going to fall out at any given moment just from walking). The anti-nausea medication? Yeah, I threw it up. That stuff doesn't work at all. I only attempted it once because I was nervous about taking it in the first place, but whatever.

Anyway, through the night things got better (I threw up a lot more, but the cramps subsided mostly) and the next day I slept until 10 am when I woke up to find my children already at school and husband folding clothes while gently reminding Jack to "talk quietly because Mommy needs to rest so the baby can stay healthy." Oh, how that man blesses me! He took off another day of work (the guy who NEVER takes days off work) because if I'm the one sick, it's "worth it." Ohmyheart.

So, all that to say, I went to the doctor yesterday and she scheduled an ultrasound and said with my history (multiple abdominal surgeries, preemie baby, blood clot disorder, lots of scar tissue, etc.) that we're just going to jump right into weekly visits, and schedule the c-section for the end of May.

There you have it. Our exciting week so far. I've been feeling MUCH better (although I'm super tired), but knowing that I'm about 32 weeks along and only have to go until 38 makes me feel like we're on the home-stretch (emphasis on the s t r e t c h ).

Please consider yourselves up to date on our crazy lives.

Anyway, enough about us, how has your week been going? :)


  1. 1) Sorry Jeff is still sick!
    2) Thank the Lord he was still sick and had to come home!
    3) So sorry you had to be scared and in pain.
    4) Thank the Lord little baby boy is gonna wait a few more weeks, and bake nice and thoroughly!
    5) Jeff is a great husband and a wonderful example for your boys, what they can be, and for your daughter, for what her standards of a mate should be.
    6) You are truly blessed, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Jackie, and I agree with all of the above! I'm SOOOO thankful (as was Jeff!) that he was home and that we did not end up with a baby on the "outside" this week. We did not want to go through that again. UGH. Thanking God for His many blessings lately. :)

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better and that Jeff was able to help you out! You guys are so wonderful together and have an amazing family. I hope the pain and nausea subsides until May! :)