Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Being thankful.

Thankful for a 5 year old boy who could play Old Maid and Lego's with me until the sun goes down. He blesses my heart.

Thankful for afternoon apples and peanut butter snacks. 

Thankful for an 8 month old baby who falls asleep while I'm putting water in the pot for tea and wakes up right when I'm closing my Bible Study books.

Thankful for the glass doors on the wood stove so that I can enjoy not just the warmth of a fire but the beauty of it as well.

Thankful for a gifted treadmill that works wonderfully even on days when I don't feel like working it.

Thankful for an 8 year old boy that always (always!) remembers to give a "good morning!" and a sweet hug first thing each and every day. He blesses my heart.

Thankful for books that churn your heart and make you want to do more. Be more. Love more. Give more. Trust more. Learn more. Seek Him more.

Thankful for parents who (even though we live with them) still offer to babysit so we can go out on a date every now and then. 

Thankful for the beauty of being surrounded by trees. And for not hearing traffic.

Thankful for a 10 year old daughter who does barn chores like a boss. Without complaint. Thoroughly. With love for each and every animal. She blesses my heart.

Thankful for a husband who is my best friend, my strong shoulder, my level head, my inside joke, my butterflies, my deep breath, and my favorite everything. He blesses my heart.

Thankful for a God who is my redeemer, the lover of my soul, my forgiver, my grace, my peace, my provider, my rock when everything feels like jello. He has my heart.


  1. I love the heart you have for your family.

  2. Thankful for the daughter who loves our son, cherishes our grandchildren and blesses our hearts. We love you, Karey!