Saturday, February 23, 2013


At the doctor's office the other day our pediatrician was making small talk with Jack while he checked his ears for (and confirmed) infections. He was talking about Kindergarten next year and Jack was telling him that he doesn't want to home school, he wants to go to school because of the candy the kids (supposedly) get at school. The doctor asked him if candy was good for him, which he immediately answered with, "Of course it is! It's GREAT for you!" I piped up and reminded Jack (as I have a bazillion times before) that candy (like pretty much everything) is okay in moderation.

The doctor looks at Jack and says, "It's sure a good thing you have a Mommy."

Without skipping a beat Jack goes, "No - it's sure a good thing I have a Grandma!"

Seriously. My kids. I swear.

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