Tuesday, February 26, 2013

runner's high?

I felt really good when I woke up this morning. I'm not sure if it's because I finally feel better after being sick for five days, or if it's because Fischer slept through the night last night, or because I know Jeff's coming home tonight after his week-long business trip, but I just felt...good.

The morning went fairly smoothy. I got the kids to school on time (ie: I pulled in the same time as the bus - even if we were both late) and then played with Jack and fed Fischer and everything happened on schedule. Got the dishes done and the floors vacuumed before Fischer's morning nap and when I hopped on the treadmill for my run I sort of felt like everything was in place so I could just enjoy the run (does that make sense?).

And oh how I enjoyed my run. It usually takes at least the first mile to feel "in the groove." I always tell myself that I can't judge how good or rough any particular run is going to be until I'm at least done with the first mile because the first is always a struggle for some reason. However, today it was a total breeze. I usually keep my eyes glued to the time during the first mile, but today I didn't even look at the minutes ticking away until I glanced down and saw that 17 minutes had already passed - I was shocked (that's unheard of for me!). My body just felt, I don't know, into it today I guess.

I ended up running EIGHT MILES straight. Without stopping once. EIGHT MILES.

Granted they weren't fast (a little less than 10 minute miles) but still - I did it - and it felt good.

Bring on the day - I'm ready now!

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  1. Working out always makes days better! I just wish I could get the motivation to start working out everyday!