Monday, May 12, 2014

feels like it never ends

No one has had Strep in over a week! Yay! Now we're on to throwing up! Notsoyay.

Natalie had to miss her first District track meet on Saturday because she was throwing up all Friday night (poor sweet girl! This is after missing half her regular season meets due to Strep!) and she was disappointed about it, but sick enough to rather be home anyway.

Mother's Day was awesome. Everyone felt great yesterday! The sun was shining, I got to sleep in (at least I thought I did - someone moved the hour ahead on my clock beside the bed so I would think I was sleeping in). Anyway, I got totally spoiled by my husband and kids and we just had a marvelous day.

Then, around midnight, Jeff and Jack started throwing up. All. Night. Long. It was miserable for everyone (especially them, obviously). No one slept. Everyone who wasn't currently throwing up was just waiting, knowing they were going to be next. So far so good though. Natalie and Carter are safely at school and away from all the germs (ha. haha.) and Fischer and I aren't showing any signs yet either...which is good because I'm the care giver (and not good at needing care) and, well, Fischer can't aim yet so you know, there's that.

We're just slowly making our way through this Monday praying that it all passes quickly (the Monday part, and the sickness part). It's too nice outside for us to be sick!

Here are a few pictures for a pick-me-up after a downer post (and also because I haven't put pictures up in months!) of our trip to Portland to go to OMSI...

This is what happens when your son is begging you to take a "funny mirror" picture of him and you're not paying attention.

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  1. did someone really change your clock on purpose???