Wednesday, May 14, 2014

it is well

Normal has always been a relative term, especially when it comes to us and the way we seemingly do life, but we're finally sort of feeling like we're resting in our new normal and I'll be honest, it feels good to have one.

The kids get on and off the school bus at the same time every day (I don't drive them anymore) and they're loving that. Since the weather has been nice they've been shooting hoops on the cement pad and basketball hoop in our backyard both before getting on the bus in the morning and right after getting home (you know, right after tossing their backpacks on the back porch and grabbing an apple to eat while they're out there).

Fischer is getting used to a house-with-no-stairs and we're all mostly loving it. I love that he's just out and about all the time, but don't absolutely love how he's into every.single.thing.we.own, especially since we don't really want everything we own broken, but, you know, that's life with a toddler and we've certainly done this before once or twice three times.

We still have a number of things to be hung on the walls and could use one or two or three or four more pieces of furniture, but we don't feel rushed to get it all done rightthisminute because we are already feeling like this is home.

Deep breaths all around.

It is well.

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