Thursday, May 15, 2014

the life

Fischer loves seeing the kids get on the bus and wave as they drive down the road and disappear around the corner. I love watching him shimmy and shake with excitement right before he shuts the front door, runs and grabs my hand, and guides me to his basket of "choo-choos" and tugs on my hand to get me to sit on the rug next to him where we play with trains for a time.

I know I've said it before, but this boy has just exuded joy from the very beginning. Don't get me wrong, he's still a toddler who throws fits like he's getting paid to do it but most of the time he's just joyful. And it's contagious. When I'm stressed and running around the house like a chicken getting chased by a cheetah trying to get everything clean/put away/ready to go/made up/washed/emptied out/filled up he's there, reminding me through his sweet inquisitive, "Mama?" that the things that matter in this life don't really have anything to do with things. For me it's about being present and living each moment resting in confidence knowing exactly who I am in Christ and living out my moments in dependency on Him. It's about the people. The time we invest. The moments we cherish. The memories we make. Not the money, the stuff, the "success," or stressing about having, doing, or being "it all."

Little things like sitting on the rug with my three times reheated coffee in hand and my almost-two-year-old son on my lap playing with wooden choo-choos that remind me that this is the life.


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  1. So great. It's always the moments in between and smooshed around the other things that make the best memories.