Saturday, August 23, 2014

bakin' like I'm gettin' paid to do it

Jeff and I had an amazing weekend away! We spent one night on the Umpqua River and spent the next day relaxing, fishing, swimming (my yearly prove-I-can-still-doggy-paddle-swim-even-though-I-hate-the-water), eating delicious food, drinking delicious coffee, and laying in the sunshine. It was great.

After our fun night/day at the Umpqua we made our way to Florence on Saturday night where we stayed that night. We went out to dinner and then got to sleep in the next morning before meeting my parents at church with the kids. We had a fabulous time (and so did the kids!) so it was a great weekend!

Before we left for the weekend, Jeff surprised me with a KitchenAid Mixer (and ice cream maker attachment!) and it was love at first sight.

I mean, seriously - isn't it gorgeous!?

I've been baking like crazy this past week! Actually, it's almost embarrassing but delicious.

So far I've made 2 loaves of banana bread, 2 batches of cookies, pizza dough, 2 loaves of regular bread, 3 quarts of ice cream, a batch of muffins, and 2 dozen cinnamon rolls (don't worry - we've been sharing with others).  When I list it out I see how it's down right ridiculous! haha

I need to figure out how to use my new power for good and not for evil.

At least I've been keeping up with my sweaty workouts. ;)

 I'm a little scared that now that school's starting I'm going to still want to bake but not have little people around to eat it, so my goal is to start exploring really healthy recipes to make. ...I'll keep ya updated on that goal. ;)

Hope everyone is having a great last few weeks of Summer! Did the past 2 months go by crazy fast to anyone else!? I'm glad the kids are stoked for school to start because I'm sure not! :)

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