Saturday, August 9, 2014

what the?

I'm hoping that writing this won't make people want to never come to our house but...

I mentioned that Fischer wasn't feeling well earlier this week. All that and more stuff just kept developing as the days went on. I took Fischer in and found out he has Pink Eye (gross!) so we got him started on medication to clear that up but he's been a bear all week because he's been so miserable. Then we got a call from my birth-Mom (Jolene) saying that Natalie's throat had been hurting all week but Natalie had been down playing it (she's actually really tough!) so Jolene looked in her throat and sure enough - white puss and swollen tonsils, etc. so Jeff and I had to think quickly and decide what to do (she was 3 hours away).

So...since Jeff was leaving on a fishing trip (which he suddenly felt horrible about going on because he didn't want to leave me with all this but I knew he really did want to go {I don't blame him, I would too!} so I told him to just go and have a good time, he needed the break). Anyway, I decided I'd just drive over (yesterday) with Jack and Fischer and pick up Natalie and try to get her to the doctor to get tested for strep. We decided that since Jack was feeling fine, to leave him there with Carter and let them hang there for the rest of the weekend (everyone was excited about that, so that was nice! And Jolene and Scott will bring them back home tomorrow).

I drove over 400 miles yesterday with two sick kids and then after that went to the doctor (at 8pm!) to have Natalie seen. They did the rapid strep test and it came back negative (which really surprised me!). The doctor (whom we love!) said he thinks it's Mono from the looks of it {insert mild freak out on my part here} but we're waiting to test for that until the regular strep test comes back negative.

Poor Natalie is miserable (but doesn't complain - she's amazing!) and I feel awful for her! I'm nervous about it getting passed around, but I guess the younger you are the easier it is on your system and the quicker you get over it so if the boys do get it (praying they don't!) it shouldn't hit them as hard as it is her (unless it's strep - then this is all a "moo point" {"it's a cow's doesn't matter"} - 10 points if you know where that quote is from).

Our weekend hasn't been what we planned but this is how  life goes, right? We're trying to just roll with the punches and take things as they come and act like I'm not as anxious for Jeff to get back tonight as I am. ;)

Deep breaths and round house kicks! We'll make it through!


  1. Poor Natalie! Poor Karey! I don't know what to hope for, strep or mono!

    I think YOURE tough!

    And.......that's a Joey quote! :)

  2. I know, at this point we're hoping for Strep because she can go on antibiotics (which I'm not a fan of, but in this case...) and feel better in 12 hours. Mono you just have to wait out/suffer through. Plus if it's strep and she goes on antibiotics, after 24 hours she wouldn't be contagious anymore. PLUS Jeff and I are going away this next weekend for our anniversary and I selfishly don't want anyone else to get sick (or Jeff or I!) so that we can still go!

    And yes! Joey! :) This is why you're one of my favorites. :) haha