Monday, August 11, 2014

living it out

I have all my little ducklings with me now and it feels right. Last night Jeff and I sat on our back patio in camp chairs sipping smoothies (full of probiotics, vitamin C, and other please-help-us-not-get-sick stuff). We got to just talk and take some deep breaths while giggling watching Jack showing Fischer how to pee off the patio onto the grass. We laughed out loud when Fischer exclaimed, "Yay! Pee-pee ow-thide!!!" Half of us are still sick (and actually haven't even heard back from any doctors as to what's actually wrong with Natalie) but we've been trying to just be as healthful as we can and power through it.

This past week has just been an adventure. Not just with the kids getting shifted around and all the illness, but also as far as discussions about our family, about the fall (sports, work, hunting, etc.), about our kids, about us, and it's been fun wading through it all in the random 2 minute increments we've been afforded to actually discuss stuff.

It's amazing how few words you actually need when you don't have time to waste any.

All this stuff going on is our life. This is the good stuff. The taking steps in faith when we know it's right, even when it scares us half to death. 

Even though living it out can be hard and sometimes heart breaking and there's always something you don't expect around the corner, it's worth it. It's in the difficult and unexpected that we get to hold His hand and trust that He's holding us. Even the seemingly impossible can be fun because this life we've been given is an adventure that we intend to LIVE!

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