Wednesday, August 6, 2014

summertime, sickness, and snuggles

What a whirlwind of a summer this year! It felt like we were just getting it all started when I realized I was flipping the calendar to August and justlikethat we have less than four weeks left until school starts again {someone hold me}. I feel like throwing a but-that's-not-fair!!! fit, but I'll refrain this time and attempt to enjoy the days we have left to their fullest extent.

This past weekend we drove to central Oregon to drop off Natalie and Carter with my birth-Mom and her husband for the week. They do this every summer and always look forward to all the one-on-one time they get (and the younger boys enjoy that at home and at my parent's place this week too!). On our way home I noticed that both Jack and Fischer weren't feeling all that great and over the past three days they've had coughs, fevers, diarrhea, and headaches. Our one-on-one time got bumped up a notch (not in the way we planned), but we're making the most of it.

Fischer woke up this morning with extra nastiness from head to toe and everything he touched during the night (Curious George, his special blanket, sheets, pillowcase, etc.) all got thrown in the wash while he was in the bath. His poor eyes are all goopy and red and his tummy is obviously not feeling much better yet. I wanted so badly to make this week really fun for Jack (who didn't want to be away from us for a whole week but also didn't want to be 'left out' either) but we're just having to take things as they come this week and not make too many plans that may have to be cancelled because of Fischer.

That being said, Friday I'm hoping to take the boys (if they're feeling better) blueberry picking (we're not on our best game this year because we haven't gone yet and the season is over for most farms already!) Then on Saturday Jeff is going fishing on the Columbia River with his Dad and brother and I'm hoping to pick up some fabric to start some sewing projects! Sunday we'll get Natalie and Carter back (can't wait!).

Right now though it's probiotics for the tummy, The Lego Movie for the bazillionth time for sanity, laundry and baths for obvious reasons, and toddler-wearing with the Ergo because it's added weight for mild exercise and snuggles in one. ;)

Here's to feeling better SOON!


  1. Poor baby! But, look at how sweet he is!!

    This summer has been Boring!! I've gone back to work, (more on that later) and it's just flying by. The homeschooled kids' material arrived yesterday. So depressing.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering what was up with you and your job... "later" better come quick... ;)

      Fischer has pink eye and is on antibacterial (antibiotic; whatever) drops so hopefully it will heal up fairly quickly. Just shoots all plans for this week in the foot. Oh well. I'm thankful for Jack's best little buddy who's Mother still allowed him to come spend the night tonight! :) (And for a husband who will take the fussy toddler from me when he gets home so I can just.have.a.minute.without.touching.someone...) lol

      And home school material? Yikes. Nothankyou! haha