Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dishes and Dora

I started the dishes exactly 12 minutes ago. When I started, I had the boys playing peacfully in their bedroom. I turn off the water immediately when I'm done and I hear Carter in my room and Jack in the living room. They both have turned on a t.v. to Dora the Explorer (which really doesn't rhyme, no matter how you say it) and both are answering "Yes!"... "No!" to those questions she asks, but somehow never gets answered. Seriously, it's like surround sound from where I'm sitting. I guess it's time to hide the remotes again. Hopefully not so well that when I finally get to sit down and watch a home-improvement show it takes me 45 minutes to find them (like last time).


  1. "Swiper no swiping!"

    I take that to heart but I change it to "Jackie to Swiffering". Hence the constant dirty floors around here!

    I think you will like blogging, it's fun. But, watch out!! It can get very addicting!

  2. Karey X (no last name- get it),
    This the best idea you've had since deciding to get me as a least I think that's how that works, I don't know, it was a long time ago. Anyhow, I always love your stories about the kids and your family and so does everyone else. You are a great story teller and you have lots to tell about (I mean "3 Great Kids and One Amazing Brother"- watch out Two and a Half Men!!!. That's all. I'm a little mad I'm not the first follower but whatever.

  3. P.S. Can you please, somehow, put up that video of Jeff's face all taped up like a pig.

  4. I am contacting you from Random Books and would like to offer you a contract on your writings. We rarely get such talent and do not want it to go unnoticed. We are offering you a contract in the range of 1 Million to begin with. Looking forward to working with you. A formal letter and offer is in the mail!

  5. "Kathy" this sounds wonderful. I'll be waiting for the check. With one million we might just retire and locate closer to our parents. Wait. I can't retire for at least another 16 years as my job is not salary based, nor is it actually "retire-able" (you understand, I'm sure). :)