Monday, March 29, 2010

My Day Off

The dryer vent is broken. As much as I'd like to say it's due to excessive use, I'm pretty sure it's not. It broke yesterday, and thank goodness Jeff was home because I never would have noticed that all of the "dryer air" was just floating around the laundry room instead of being ushered into the special vent to keep the fire hazard to a minimum. Oops. We bought a new venting system (Is that what the tube and accessories are called? I made it up, but it sounds pretty good, no?)and Jeff is going to install it tonight, which means that this is the best day ever for me... I hate doing laundry and now I have all day to not feel guilty for not doing it. I certainly don't do it everyday (or every week if I'm completely honest) so this day should be like most others, but the difference is that today the guilt is lifted. I'm laundry (and guilt) free, all day!

I am a little nervous for when he does fix it. The iron fell behind the dryer a few weeks ago and I couldn't reach it. He's going to find it tonight. I'm pretty sure there's a party going on back there where all the single socks get together and hang out. He'll find all of them too. I sort of feel like I should clean up the laundry room a bit so he has some room to work in it, but that would mean actually folding and putting away the 3 loads in baskets on the floor, which would technically put a stop to my official "guilt free day off" from laundry, which would then make the dryer vent breaking all for naught. All this thinking is not good on my day off. Maybe I should just finish the laundry that's gotten to the folding stage and look forward to the day that the vent breaks again. If I keep accidently dropping the iron behind the dryer, that day might, it just might, come sooner rather than later. Here's to hoping.

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  1. Our washer broke not that long ago. I was shocked at how much laundry piled up in 48 hours! So depressing. I am good about washing and drying clothes,it's the folding and putting away that kicks my butt.

    Oh, the thing that broke our washer? It was a little boy's dress sock that got loose and floated into the drainage system. We paid a repair man $130 to get out a sock. Good times.

    I shudder to think what is behind our washer/dryer. Ewww...