Saturday, March 13, 2010

My calm

There's a calm in the house right now. The kids are asleep in bed and Jeff is asleep on the couch. I can barely hear NCIS in the background from the living room and I can barely see the glow of nightlights under the kids' doorways down the hall. The dishwasher is running it's normal night-time wash routine and I am content listening to it's buzz as I reflect back on how great of a day today was. Nothing extrodinary happened at our house. Nothing happened that would cause alarm, or even be remembered for that matter, but it was a great day even if, for no other reason, than because we spent it together. As a family. We laughed. Man, we love to laugh. And we sang. We love that too. We ran around outside, we took a drive, we played with the puppy, we prayed together, and we read books. We relaxed and did nothing at all. It was well spent because we spent our minutes in each other's company. We are a family. Knowing this makes my heart, and my house feel calm.

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