Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dinner and Stuff

I'm not going for any parenting awards (I'm pretty sure I can hear you laughing) but it would be nice to know if making crock-pot lasagna and homemade rolls tonight will make up for the cold cereal I served for dinner last night in front of the TV while watching America's Funniest Videos followed immediately by ice cream. Oh yes, we did....


Oh, and since I'm already not getting "Mother of the Year" this year (right?) I just thought I'd add how I find watching my kids discovering all on their own the repercussions of snapping rubber bands simply hysterical.

{Yes, I'm apparently that Mom.}


  1. 1) When I saw the title of this post, I thought you were sharing a recipe.
    2) I totally wish my kids would eat cereal for dinner. However, it would literally take 3 boxes to fill everyone up.
    3) Crock-pot cooking TOTALLY qualifies you for a MOTY.
    4) I would probably drive to the dollar store and purchase 1000 more rubber bands just to watch my kids snap themselves over and over.
    5) You are not alone in being "that" kind of mom.
    6) We are setting money aside now for our kids' therapy.

  2. A recipe?! Hahahahaha! Not something I would post (unless it's a phone number for a pizza place).

    And I love that you parent like me. We're rock-stars, I'm pretty sure. ;)

  3. Haha! The rubber band thing.. I'd totally laugh too. We must be related.