Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Usually my kids completely impress me. Usually when we're in public, they do so awesome that we get compliments on how well behaved they are. I'll admit, it feels good to have that pat-on-the-back and to have some affirmation from strangers who don't just like my kids because they're related to them and thus have no choice.

That being said, they still have their off days. And seriously you guys, sometimes it's bad.

Sometimes we take them out to eat with out of town family we haven't seen in a while, and one of them (the seven year old boy) announces (right after he scarfs his meal down in record time) that he will gladly eat any one's food they don't finish (and I'm pretty sure the tables next to us assumed he was talking to them as well because he said it loud enough for the whole room to hear).

Sometimes one of the kids will get up from the table, walk over to me (when I'm in mid-conversation), and ask when we can leave because this is getting, "SO BORING."

Sometimes one of them will yell across the table that they have to go potty "rightnoworI'mgoingtopeemypants!"

Sometimes they brag to the people we're at dinner with that they might get ice cream on the way home (they did not get any ice cream).

Sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out and scream, "Where is the mother of these children and why did she leave them with me!?!"

But then sometimes they redeem themselves.

Sometimes, at bedtime, they say something to Jeff and I like, "I'm sorry. I'm really ashamed of the way I acted at dinner. I'm going to pray and ask Jesus to forgive me for being so selfish and only thinking of myself." (Oh yes, it happened. And completely unprompted. Although we did have a "conversation" on what is acceptable behavior on the way home.) And it made me realize that this parenting gig, this living gig, is all trial and error. We mess up sometimes (or a lot of the time), but we get second chances. We get do overs. There is forgiveness.

And honestly? I'd rather have kids who mess up, realize it, and learn something from it than kids that never mess up at all. They still impress me. Maybe even more than before.

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  1. Urg, we totally had a bad day in JC Penneys today. One kid kept ninja-rolling between the racks, one kid was trying to sweet talk me in to buying him a new suit and the other I couldn't find until my name was announced on the intercom. So horrible. Then, we went to check out and some prices were different and it was a huge ordeal.

    I've been there. Where you don't even want to admit they are your children. But, even adults mess up and act poorly.

    Or is that just me? ( :