Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ever have one of those days when you're so emotionally exhausted (for no good reason except that you're in your third trimester of pregnancy so stuff like not getting to the phone in time makes you cry even if it's telemarketers calling) that even though you're trying really hard to keep the sugar intake at a minimum you find yourself mindlessly picking M&Ms out of the Costco bag of trail mix and justifying it by thinking that if you had to work that hard to get a little pile of them in your hand (it's hard work avoiding all the healthy other stuff that's in trail mix) the fact that they're made of pure-sugar has to be negated?

::side eye::

I do.


  1. I've definitely had those days. But I don't have pregnancy hormones to blame it on. Dang it. ;) Hope you're feeling better now! <3

    1. Pretty sure the only cure is birth. 7-8 more weeks. :)