Thursday, March 1, 2012

Relinquishing Control (as in remote control)

Jack came downstairs and wanted to watch a cartoon while I was making us some lunch. I said that would be fine, but my hands were dirty, so he'd have to change the channel himself. I explained that all he had to do was take the remote to the "big living room tv," point it at it, and press 3-0-1 (for Noggin).

He excitedly grabs the remote, runs down the few stairs to the sunk-in living room and attempts to press said buttons.

When he got back up the stairs (to the "little tv") he can see that he messed up somewhere in the numbers because it's not cartoons on.

I tell him that I'll wash my hands and help him in a minute. He stops me by saying, "Wait, no, Mommy! This is the channel that tells you how to use the remote the right way (it was the DirectTV "default" channel)... I think I need to watch this and learn how."

So, my four year old son sat and watched a 10 minute "show" on how to navigate your DirectTV remote.

What kid does that???

He must take after Jeff.

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