Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Totally did.

When trying to look up an (ahem... my husband's grandma's) address on "whitepages.com" it might work better if you actually use the person's real name.

Doing this...

First name: Grandma

Last name: Goose

...doesn't work that well.

Oh, yes. I did.


  1. You are suffering from Pregnancy Brain Disorder. I've suffered from it 4 times myself.
    The only cure is sleep. So....good luck with that! ( :

    1. So if the only cure is sleep and not birth, I'm screwed for another few years!? Nice. (Haha!)

    2. Yep. Pretty much screwed.

      BTW--when I address a card to "Grandma Babe, Blachly, OR 97412" it always gets there! ( : One perk of a small town, I guess!

    3. Hahaha! No kidding! If I'm sending something to someone on Horton, I usually just put their name, Horton Rd. and the zip code - never fails. ;) (Of course I could just drive over and give it to them, but how boring would that be? Getting *MAIL* these days is like a throw back to the olden' days!) :)