Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alert the press!

I just tried on all (ALL!) my pre-pregnancy jeans and I kid you not, I can button every.single.pair! Like, I could actually wear them in public without a horrible Costco-sized muffin top spilling out (how's that for a visual?).

This is record breaking news, you guys. Fischer isn't even (quite) 4 months old (and to be honest, I gained 42 pounds during the pregnancy)! It took me a year to lose the weight with Natalie, with Carter I never really did, and with Jack it took about 7 months...


{Disclaimer: I still have a long way to go to get to goal, but I'm officially the same size/weight that I was this time last year so that's reason enough for me to celebrate without eating a whole cake.}


  1. That is so awesome!! You've worked hard, enjoy wearing your jeans, in public!! Heck, you should just go buy some new ones!!

  2. Congrats Karey!!! That is super exciting...and the costco sized muffin top almost made me spoit out my coffee! {Yes, I'm still drinking coffee at almost noon...}

  3. Yay!! Go, Karey! Keep on keepin' on, woman!!