Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of school.

I should be super excited (town trips with only two kids? Yes please.) and happy for my kids (who were literally jumping up and down because they could.not.wait for school to begin) but my heart is always torn on this day (and every school day until Summer starts again). I miss my kids when they're not home and I don't like not  having them with me. Nonetheless, it's a big day for them and they were stoked and I'm glad for that.

Note: I don't worry about them, I just, well, I just don't like being away from them (even if that makes me sound like an over-bearing-freak-type-Mom). I'm their Mom and they are awesome kids and I just feel like I should be the one enjoying them all day! (...but.I'm.still.not.homeschooling.)

Anyway, here's to the great start of a brand new school year!

Carter starting 3rd grade and Natalie starting 4th. 

{ *Not pictured is the four year old laying on the floor crying his eyes out so hard I thought for sure he was going to throw up because he wasn't ready for the big changes going on...* }

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  1. Oh my word Karey! I cannot believe how big they are!