Friday, October 12, 2012

Fit Friday

I've been slacking the past two weeks on the exercise. Well and on keeping up with my food log too, if I'm honest. I've just been having so much fun (it's FALL!) and since I tend to be an emotional eater I'm realizing that when I'm happy about something - that excitement turns into something good to eat (sans any sort of portion control) and then I'm left with the scale telling me exactly what I honestly already saw coming.

I was up 1.4 pounds this morning.

I didn't go crazy at all this week, but I haven't been working out like normal (honestly my crazy schedule got in the way) and I haven't been drinking as much water as normal (averaged probably about 72oz/day as opposed to my usual 128/day) - see? Not terrible, but I've just slacked in being intentional with my choices.

My goal for this week is to journal everything that goes in my mouth and drink at least 96oz water/day.

On a side note (and to make myself feel better about the scale today) I forgot that today was Friday and I ate a half bag of popcorn at the kids' soccer games last night and then had a (homemade) enchilada at 9:30pm when I got there's that.

Any little "tricks" you guys have tried that help you stay motivated in the weight loss department (besides the presence of muffin tops and needing to rubber-band your jeans together when the button just.won' to the loophole)?

Now I'm off to press out some fresh apple cider from the beautiful apples on our trees and hopefully not drink my body weight in ounces of apple juice.

Total lost: 37.4 pounds

Still to lose (as I got closer to my goal I decided to add 5 more pounds to lose because I could see that my original "ultimate goal" just wasn't going to cut it...): 22.6

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