Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My name is Karey and I'm a Mom-blog stalker. (And other randomness.)

The first part of this post is a little risky in the fact that I don't want to come off as more creepy than I actually am. I'm writing it because when I find something good (ie: something that makes me laugh so hard I pee my pants) I want to share it. (You're welcome in advance.)

This is one of the blog Mom's I've never met in real life but stalk online my friend Holly (her name is a link in case you can't see the color change on the word and want to actually "see" her). She is stinkin' hilarious and her blog leaves me in stitches pretty much every time I read it. Yesterday was no exception only she didn't write it...her husband (Chris) was a guest poster (is that the right word - "poster"?) and lemme tell ya if you don't follow her blog - DO IT. You won't be sorry! Here's a link to his guest post that is all about us blog Moms and he calls us out of ALL of our "stuff" that makes us part of this unique world of, well, blog Moms!

Okay, in other news...Fall has finally hit around these parts (like for real). The weather is in the low 70s and we're actually expecting rain this weekend (yay!).

I went for what very well could be my last run outside for a while this morning. It was beautiful. I just wish that I had speakers on my sneakers so I could hear the actual sound of my feet hitting the pavement instead of the sound of my I'm-about-to-die mouth breathing that makes me want to gag just listening to it (in related news I really need a new iPod so I can hear music).

Our garden is producing right now like crazy. It's gorgeous! I love making dinners that consist mostly of food we've actually grown (and by "we" I obviously mean my Dad).

Anyway, I hope your guys' week is going great!


  1. Whoa!! Thanks for the shout out, Karey. I love stalking all a bunch of blog moms I've never met either... Don't worry, I am not stage-five. :)

    And I am so happy that you loved Chris' post as much as I did. I have probably read it 50+ times.

    1. I've gone back and read it a few times, too, and I laugh every.single.time! As the wife to a pretty hilarious guy myself, I can totally appreciate Chris' humor. :) Thanks for sharing it!