Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Common Catch-Up

Okay - where to start?

This past week we had school conferences and the kids are doing great in their classes. Carter's teacher told us that he is holding his own in reading and spelling (where he goes into Natalie's class - a grade above his for those subjects) and is doing really well (and working hard which is all we ask). We are so proud of that boy! We asked his teacher how he's doing as far as speaking out of turn and being respectful and she sweetly says, "Well, he always has plenty to add to group discussions" and Jeff and I laughed - sounds about right. :)

Natalie is doing great in all of her subjects as well and (as always) is simply a joy and "a pleasure to have in class as she's a natural leader and always so helpful to those around her". We are so proud of our kids!

Jack is continuing to do the homeschool program with me every couple of days when we actually remember and life isn't too crazy. He really does enjoy it and is picking up on everything so fast! He's going to do great in Kindergarten next year if I don't have a mental breakdown and actually let him go.
Fischer is officially in his crib now. My heart breaks a little even as I type that. UGH. He just plain outgrew his co-sleeper (he's over 18 lbs and was almost touching every side of the co-sleeper when he was laying in was time) but I just want this baby-stage to last forever - it's my FAVORITE. So him being in the next room (I know, it's not that far) is just...sad. As I was packing up his co-sleeper and cleaning out the pockets I found some evidence of how I survived the first few weeks of his little (sleepless?) life:
Don't judge me.
He turned 5 months on Monday:
Yesterday morning we hung out outside, and while my Dad and I made apple cider with the press, the boys built us a fire (under supervision):
Carter is definitely my son (safety first with the hard hat because really, you just never know). Ha!

Carter took this shot yesterday morning. I saw the first one he took and then deleted it and asked him to back up a little bit (too close for an "I just woke up" picture). You're welcome.

I have zero pictures of Natalie because her cousin (Micah) was over and they were off playing (at the barn) pretty much the whole day (love those girls and how close they are!).

Fischer chillin' outside while we work.
Random post #286 over and out.

Oh - wait! I forgot Fit Friday for this week and last week too, actually...

I'm down about 4 over the past 2 weeks (after the last gain). Very pleased. I'm not obsessing over workouts (that means I haven't been doing that many) but I've been intentional with my eating and still managing to get a few circuit training workouts in a week - so not too bad.

Total lost: 42 lbs.
Still to lose (to ultimate goal): (About) 18 lbs.

Okay - over and out for reals.


  1. So proud of you AND your amazing kiddos! Keep up the strong work with your fitness goals! You are amazing and an awesome inspiration. Oh...and love on those kids for me. Miss them bunches.

  2. Thanks, Bo-Beanna. :) It's definitely a work in progress (as in a lifestyle change that takes time) but it's a good one!

    I'll hug my kids for you if you'll hug yours for us! :) However, we get to see you this weekend (YAY!) so I'll be squeezing that gorgeous girl and kissing her sweet cheeks myself SOON! :)