Monday, October 29, 2012

Kid Quotes

It's Monday and I needed a pick-me-up so I went to my archive of funny stuff my kids have said (that I actually remembered to write down!) to lift my spirits a little. I figured since it's Monday where you are too you might feel better reading a few as well.

Oh and also? My kids are awesome.

October 21, 2011:
Jack (while playing in the living room with Natalie and
Carter): "Hey you guys! Pretend I'm a gyno-saur!"

July 28, 2011:
Natalie: "When I get a little older am I
going to grow hair everywhere?"
Me: "Yes, but you can shave it off if you don't like it. Like your armpits
and legs - I can teach you how to shave that when you're older if you don't want the hair
Natalie: "But won't I grow hair... you know... down *there*?"
Me: "Yes, you will."
Natalie: "How in the world do ya shave that!?"

 July 27, 2011:
Carter: "Mom, did it hurt the first time you got nailed?"
Me: "Uh, what did you just say?"
Carter: "Did it hurt the first time you got nailed? You know... what I
mean. So, did it hurt?"
Me (literally sweating): "I'm not so sure I know what you mean..."
Carter: "You know, the first time you were trying to hammer and you hit
your finger instead of the nail - did it hurt?"

April 25, 2011:
Jack (looking at the little bit of Play-Doh left on the
table): "I'm sorry, Mommy."
Me: "It's okay buddy, I'll help you clean up the rest."
Jack: "No, I'm sorry that I ate most of it and these crumbs are all that's

(I literally have hundreds of these. My kids are...special.)


  1. Oh my word, I'm dying at work. Your kids are amazing!

    1. I'm glad it entertained ya! :) (And thanks, I think they are, too!)

  2. Such crack-ups, your kids!

    Gonna try and blog more, I am.

    There. I put it out there so perhaps I will actually follow through. ( :

    1. You better follow through because your kids are every bit as funny as mine and I NEED more of your stories so I feel normal! :)