Friday, May 31, 2013

going rogue

We have cows. 

Two, actually. They're 9 months old and their names are Jeremiah and Jason {I kid you not} and this morning they went missing.

Since I'm here solo with all the kids for the night I'm the one who got the phone call from a neighbor who said they found the cows on their property and which field exactly they were in {we have 42 acres so "neighbors" aren't exactly right next door unfortunately?}.

So, the kids and I took off tonight on "Operation Find-The-Cows... Mission: Bring them HOME."

The kids were stoked. 

I was stoked to be done with it.

I grabbed my camera (because, obviously), threw Fischer in the Ergo on my back, and we went on our way.

Off to save the cows!

We walked our way through our fields and were trying to find where they got through to the neighbors' field when our cows randomly {and thanfully!} came running through a different neighbor's field to the fence line where we were.

I just had to break down a little of our fencing and let them back in.

We'll keep them fenced in the barn area until someone else...Dad and/or Jeff can fix the fencing again.

This is kids when they finally spotted the cows in the next field over.

Sorry, party's over - the cows are coming home.


Gosh, I love these kids!
Carter asked me while I was tearing apart the fence if I liked living in the country now as much as when I was a kid and I laughed realizing that even when things go crazy and the cows go rogue, the answer always a big sigh followed by, "Yep. I sure do."

Heading back home.

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