Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinterest Fail.

This was my inspiration for a fun snack for the kids (for our Harvest/Halloween Party last night):

Photo Credit

And this is my result:


Note to self: Walk a little further in the apple orchard and pick yourself some RED apples. Apparently it makes a difference because "no one has green lips." Whatever. Also? Chunky "healthy" peanut butter just doesn't work here. For the love of crafty snacks - live a little and buy crappy peanut butter! Oh, and spending more than 30 seconds to make them look nice might help, too, but only if you want your kids to actually be able to identify what the snack is supposed to be next time. Just some food for thought (buh-dum-cha!).


  1. HA! I love this! I think they look like awesome monster teeth. Maybe use it as a lesson? This is what your teeth will look like if you don't brush?

    MUAHAHA scary story. Nailed it. :)