Saturday, January 19, 2013

doctor's office

I'm pretty sure our doctor depends on having Fischer as a patient in order to make the rent for their office space each month. We've been in there twice this week (Wednesday and Friday) and they want to see him on Monday, too.

Wednesday I took him in (while Jeff was on a plane headed back home - so happy to have him back!!!) because his bad cough was back (again) and he was wheezing a lot making it pretty difficult to breathe without laboring each breath. They did a chest x-ray because they were pretty sure he had Pneumonia (again), but thankfully his lungs were relatively clear (but they're sure he's got RSV - I decided not to get the test done to determine for sure if he has it because it's very uncomfortable to have done and they would treat him medically the same either way). So, his doctor prescribed a steroid to help open his airways so that he could actually breath without having to work so dang hard at it, but the next morning when we gave it to him he just projectile vomited it all over the rug which was fun.

So, I called in to let his doctor know how it was going (and that he wasn't keeping the steroids down) and they wanted to see him again right away - so we went back in yesterday afternoon. They decided to give the steroids another try (and gave him a shot of them right then and there because his breathing was so bad) and offered a different way to get it in his system (they gave me pills to crush and put in yogurt for him instead of the liquid we'd tried before).

We're two days in on the steroids and he's not really doing any better. Honestly, I'm  not sure what to now (Jeanna - advice??). He's not getting worse, but he doesn't seem to be getting better (and I do not want to keep giving him steroids if they're not going to work), so I guess we'll just have to wait a bit longer and see. He's not sleeping well, a bit feverish, and just all around miserable (not his usual happy self at all).

I'll keep you posted.

This was taken *before* this whole ordeal. These smiles are few and far between these days. Poor guy!

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  1. We have been very fortunate, we haven't had any issues with RSV or bronchitis or even ear infections (between all my kids, we've had 2 ear infections, total). Of course, we have plenty experience with broken bones and gashes requiring stitches or glue.

    But, I was wondering, does the cold night air help open his air ways??? Or is there too much moisture in it??

    At any rate, I will be praying for your little guy (who is getting bigger and bigger every day!).