Friday, January 11, 2013


This hasn't been my best week.

We were completely without water (the pump to our spring broke on Wednesday so we've been without water since then). I was missing my husband like crazy. My car all but completely ran out of oil (and I'm that kind of girl - I need my husband for stuff like that!). The cows got out on my watch (literally - we have cows...and they got out). I had a huge to-do list and only a little bit of time. 

I've been exhausted, out of patience, and desperately grasping for some of the peace that God promises I already possess.

My children got off the school bus yesterday and into a car where they found their Mom in tears just trying to survive the rest of the day.

God gave me peace through those amazing kids who helped with the animals, helped me get wood up on the porch, helped unload groceries, and helped with the baby while I finished countless other things as well. He gave me peace through my sweet sister in law who helped me check the oil in my car and add more to it and then had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants the rest of the evening. He gave me peace through my smiling baby who, no matter what is going on around us, seems to just exude joy.

Today I was able to simply focus on clinging to His promises. 

I knew that my husband was praying for me (and probably for the mental health of our children...). 

My Dad got our pump back in working condition so I was able to (HAPPILY!) do dishes and laundry and bathe my children.

The cows didn't get out.

The baby is still smiling.

God is good - even during weeks that I have to dig a little deeper to find His peace I'm thankful that He is always faithful - and that He always makes good on His promises.


  1. I'm often amazed at how good God is to me. Of course, there's the big stuff--healthy kids, hard working husband, home, amazing grace--but sometimes it's the "little" stuff that amazes me the most. When he sends a sister to make you smile, when he whispers to your kids "mama needs you" and so on.
    I, too, am so thankful for His faithfulness.

    1. Yes, exactly! Sometimes it's when I see his immediate answers through others that I feel the most blessed. I often remember the "big stuff", but taking the time to see his hands in the little stuff is important as well and it reminds me that his love is in the details of our lives, too! We serve such a great God!