Saturday, January 12, 2013


My kids love oatmeal. They don't like it plain - they'd actually prefer the ready-made packets you just pour into your bowl and add water - only I'm not a fan of those because they're are so many added (hidden) ingredients and essentially they are getting about zero nutritional value out of their breakfast when they eat them.

This is why I was so stoked the other day when saw on Pinterest a link to a blog where a woman makes her own "oatmeal packets" for her kids. GENIUS! 

So yesterday the kids and I sat down and packaged up our own oatmeal packets.

We used whole grain organic old fashioned rolled oats, some coconut shavings, crushed walnuts, a little brown sugar, organic raisins, a few semi-sweet chocolate chips, and some crushed flax seeds. We measured everything out (the kids got to make each packet a little different by varying the ingredients for fun) and put them each into a re-usable snack sized zip-lock bags.


Super easy, way cheaper, and the kids actually enjoy making/eating them because they feel invested in the process.


What are your go-to breakfasts? (Jackie? I know this is your favorite meal to make so don't hold back on me now...)  :)


  1. Hey now!! ( :

    My kids love the instant oatmeal as well, esp. the "dinosaur" kind. You know? The one with the CANDY in it?!! But, I hate giving it to them because it's almost pure sugar.

    But, instant oatmeal is *almost* as easy as toast so I like this idea! If you used the rolled oats, do they still cook pretty quickly? Like, in the microwave?

    1. Yes, they do. We just dump our packets into a bowl, add water and put them in the microwave for about one minute. Easy-peasy! :)