Thursday, January 31, 2013

feeling grounded

With all the illness that's been plaguing our household these past few months, I've been feeling run down - and I haven't even been sick. I've been overwhelmed just trying to keep my head above water with my duties (yes, I just said duties) and I'm barely surviving all the stuff I've got on my plate - let alone thriving at any of it.

I stepped down from one of my Bible studies yesterday. It wasn't an easy decision to be made, but I don't like feeling like I've got so many things on my list to do that my walk with the Lord becomes a check-mark instead of a friendship. I've been slacking on my Bible reading and on both of my actual studies because looking at all of it in one big pile (or to-do list) is just so overwhelming that I found myself not doing any of it until the night before and then not getting a thing out of it - which obviously defeats the whole purpose of doing any of it in the first place.

As of today, my car hasn't left the house since Sunday for church (besides the mile drive to the school and back twice a day) and this week I've actually felt grounded. I've maintained a schedule with the little boys by doing home schooling each day with Jack, both of them napping in the afternoons, Jeff and I carved out some time to get our budget on track after a huge headache and some tears - both on my part, I've enjoyed my time in the word this week, I've spent time with my Savior - I haven't been just spouting out prayers in desperation (I've actually taken the time to listen to His leading crazy concept, eh?) and I've been able to exercise and enjoy it.

I'm not saying this is going to be perfect forever it's far from perfect now. I'm not saying stepping down from some things is a solution for everyone, I'm just saying I've that after a bunch of thought I was feeling convicted of my time management and things needed to change. Things did change (this week anyway) and I feel blessed by it.

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