Friday, January 7, 2011

Because I love my family...

Today is cleaning day because my house looks like a dusty toy store threw up in it so I set out and started doing all the glamorous house-cleaning jobs such as washing bathroom mirrors, cleaning sticky finger prints from all the door frames, and using a vacuum attachment to clean both the cobwebs hanging from the chandeliers and the dust balls under the furniture. Oober sexy, right? Then I got to thinking. Why isn't housework sexy? Housework could be the sexiest job ever... If my husband were doing it.

Anyway, it's not really fun, or rewarding - especially since I will have to do it all over again as soon as I blink. But while I'm making my way through the house, I pick up random things that I find. Things like macaroni noodles that fell off a class project Carter made for me. I found a flosser thingy from the other night when Natalie was lovingly helping Jack get his back teeth that he couldn't reach by himself. I found the super sweet birthday card Jeff got for me last month when I was having a hard time with turning 30 (shhh!) and as I'm looking at all of these things I realized that I am one blessed woman. I might not have the most glamorous job (I don't even get out of my pajamas for it), it might not pay monetarily, and I might not have a day off (or even an hour off for that matter) in weeks - but really, it's the best job I could ask for. I get to be the wife of the best husband I could have ever imagined. I get to be Mommy to three kids who fight like crazy yet help each other cheat to beat me in UNO can be the sweetest little people in the world.

I do have an important job. I am a hero to three little kids (which is actually terrifying) and even doing the "smallest" of household chores is another way I can demonstrate my love to them. When I'm done, I will shower. That's another important way.

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  1. LOL Friend, you're a born blogger :). I feel the same way about my job, it's rewarding, even if no one ever notices there are no longer poop stains in my toilet or finger prints on those stupid glass doors I HAD to have, the hugs from the kids & kisses from the hubby are reward enough (although the occasional chocolate bar wouldn't hurt:)