Friday, January 14, 2011

Fit Friday

Okay. I'll be the first to admit (because, really, who else is there?) that this week wasn't exactly the Sha-Bam! week I had in mind as far as weight loss goes. Actually it wasn't at all.

I really struggled (but hello!, that's what got me here in the first place) and things are not as easy as I remember them being when I tackled the weight loss stuff in the past. I am not, however, blaming it on the fact that I am now thirty and everything just seems slower (metabolism, energy, thought process, etc.). I just don't have the drive that I used to have I guess, and something (really! SOMETHING!) has GOT to give. I just need to work harder at eating the right sized portions and only when I'm hungry. Not because I'm bored, or excited, or because it's there. I need to view food as fuel for my body - not as an emotional outlet for every single emotion I have.

All that being said, I lost a half pound this week. I didn't gain (which has been the pattern the last 3 months), so that's good. Turning the boat around (ugh, bad analogy) to start heading in the right direction is the first step, right?

I've seen that a lot of people have been starting weight loss stuff on their blogs and I'm excited to see how they're doing and use it as encouragement.

Here's to week 2!



  1. Hey, it's a 1/2 pound in the right direction! Great job! I've noticed drinking more water has helped a lot.

    Here's what you should do...join Gold's Gym and be my lunchtime workout buddy...cuz you know, that'd be convenient for me. :)

    Keep drinking lots of water and keep up the good work!

  2. Drinking water is one thing on my list to improve on! I've been drinking 32oz/day at the least, but I used to drink almost a gallon (when I was losing awesomly before) so I have a lot of imporvement there).

    I would LOVE to go to the gym w/you! I can't. But I would love it, lol! :) I've been working out 3-4 times/week here (on the treadmill or doing weight training/cardio videos) and that's helped (I can feel that I have abs now - because they're sore, not because I can see them). :)

    Anyway, here's to making improvements one step at a time! And thank you for the encouragment!

  3. Even though I think you are always beautiful no matter what, you should know how truly PROUD I am of you for all of this. If you ever need me for anything (like to talk the 800 calorie bowl of ice cream and brownies OUT of your hand :) know I'm only a phone call away. Love and miss you lots!