Friday, January 7, 2011

Fit Friday (Do all these weekly posts drive you crazy!?)

[You don't have to study the scale - it's not me on it. My toenails are not that pretty. And my number is.. not that number.]

There's this blog I follow that I really enjoy. She does a McFatty Monday post every week to help her stay accountable with her weight loss goals. I love the idea. I'm stealing it. Only, McFatty Monday seems a bit harsh for my sensitive self esteem (even though it's perfectly fitting in my case - or not fitting, as hardly anything does anymore - but I digress) so I'm going to do mine on Fridays and I'm calling it - ready? Fit Friday! I know, I'm just gushing with creativity these days, eh? (Could be worse: Fabulous, Fit, Fun and Funky Friday! - yeah, no.)

I decided to do this because, well, it's just time. I don't remember inviting all these pounds back after working so hard to beat them to death two years ago, but somehow they have made their home yet again on my thighs (and pretty much everywhere else). PRONTO.

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I started Weight Watchers online. I'll admit, I wasn't all that strict with myself over the holidays (read: I didn't do Weight Watchers over the holidays. At all.). So, instead of getting a jump start on my weight loss before the storm hit (holiday season) I just dove into the season of eating and made the waves bigger (okay, not the prettiest analogy, but you get the point).

I would like 20 pounds to be my initial goal. When I get there I will reevaluate and set another goal but for now that seems reasonable. As of today I am +20 on my weight and working to get down to 0. Does that make sense?

If anyone would like to join me I would love it! The hardest part of losing weight - and believe me, I've been losing and gaining long enough to know this - is feeling like you're doing it alone. So, I'm all about encouraging each other! Even if you don't have pounds to lose but just want to get more physically fit, or maintain what you've already lost and just need somewhere to feel accountable without the pressure or judgement, this is the place. It could be fun! (Did you just roll your eyes at me like I did at myself for writing fun in a weight loss post?)

Anyway, here I go. I'm nervous to be all "out there" with it. But maybe it's what I need. So, here goes nothing (or, hopefully, a whole lot of something!).

Starting weight: +20


  1. I just motivated myself out of squishiness land by purchasing a tiny bikini and vowing I will be in it by summer with all the confidence of Giselle. (I like to set high goals.)

  2. I read that - loved it. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of the cardio/movie theater party you've got going on, but I'll deal.

    And about the bikini... I'm more in the wear-a-knee-length-skirt as a goal for summer at this point, but kudos to both of us for at least making an attempt, right?

  3. Alright, you stole my thunder...just kidding, sort of ;-). I was actually thinking of starting a new FB page called Healthy Momma, for us to share stories, recipes, fitness tips, how to get your kids to eat tips (mostly for me;), what we do for fun (cause our mental health is as important as our physical), etc... whatcha think? Of course I wasn't necessarily planning a weight loss thing, so I guess this is ok ;-). I am so proud of you, you totally can do it! I think I will likely join you. I am going to give myself one week to see if I can reign it in on my own, if not, WW here I come...again