Friday, January 28, 2011

Fit Friday (but mostly other stuff)

I don't even feel like writing a "Fit Friday" post today, but it's not because I did terrible this week (because I didn't - holla!), it's because I look at my blog and I haven't really written anything lately.

{...and this is where I start giving you all the excuses as to why I've been such a slacker...}

We've been sick. Yuck. Carter had a trip to the doctor and got on breathing treatments for his cough that was causing wheezing in his lungs and he's still fighting it - and sharing it. Jack had a slight fever this morning and I can just tell he's really starting to feel under the weather. Natalie's got the cough going on as well, but she's not wheezing like Carter, so she hasn't needed her inhaler (yet?). Since our kids don't have school on Fridays and since they're needing some rest and by "they" I mean "I", we've spent the morning watching movies. So far we've watched (and it's 10:30am - but don't judge) "Chicken Little" and "Madagascar 2." "Horton Hears A Who" is next followed by "Up." Yes, it's that kind of day.

On a completely different note, Jeff and I got to go on a date last night! (This is the part when you ignore the previous paragraph where I said my kids are sick so that we don't look like horrible parents going on a date and leaving our kids with a sitter when they didn't feel well.) It's been a while since we've been able to go out, but we got to have dinner (that I didn't cook!) and then to a movie (that wasn't a cartoon!). We had a great time... only we watched a really intense movie. When I say intense, I mean so intense that we didn't talk all the way home, we just sat silently lost in thought. Intense as in, we had to watch something "light" on tv when we got home (The Office) so that we could de-stress after the movie. But guys? It was such a good movie! And... this is it.

Okay, since it is technically Friday, I'll write on my loss (yay!) this week.

Down another pound and a half. Drank water like crazy, but left lots of room for improvement in the working out know, to keep me humble and all. (See how I made it look like it wasn't an epic fail?)

Here's to another week!


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  1. HOORAY! Great job! On all of the above, remember movie time is also snuggle time & you can't go wrong with snuggle time :). Love you, proud of you!