Monday, January 3, 2011

"I might have" Monday

I might have forgot (forgotten?) my camera at Jeff's parent's house, so I haven't posted any pictures from Christmas - or taken any over New Years. Bummer, eh'?

I took the kids to the movies on Thursday. Although Jack usually loves going to the big theater, this time he was having none of it and wanted to make sure I knew he wasn't enjoying himself (after the popcorn was gone). I might have told him that the window in the back of the theater (where the movie streams from) was where the police were sitting watching to make sure all the little kids were obeying their parents during the movie.

Earlier this week when a bag of pasta broke open and spilled on the floor of the grocery store after Carter  dropped it on accident, a lady looked at him and said, "Oh, brother!" in a tone that insinuated he was being a horrible kid (which he was not). My protective "mama bear tone" came out and I might have used one of Jeff's lines when I said, "Seriously? It's only as big a deal as YOU are going to make it!" even though there were a ton of people around and it's really not my personality to say something like that anything. Carter was already feeling bad enough (and really embarrassed) over it (he had tears in his eyes for dropping it before she even said anything) and apparently I'd had enough of old judgey ladies in the grocery store (see here).

I might have been really relying on God's amazing grace this week (obviously). I am so thankful that His mercies are new every morning. I'm also glad that my kids are young and hopefully won't remember much from the last few days - right?


  1. I have the same personality where I'll usually say nothing, but wish I'd said something later on. I'm glad you were able to come up with the thing you wanted to say when you wanted to say it (yes, I'm totally ripping off You've Got Mail) and in my opinion it wasn't anything to regret saying!

    I hope Carter does remember you sticking up for him.

  2. I agree with Sara--Carter will remember how you reacted calmly and politely (as polite as a mother can be when protecting her cubbies) to a rude lady. That his usually quiet and subdued mother stood up for him when it really mattered! Way to go, Karey!! And *BOO* judgmental, old people!!