Monday, January 31, 2011

I "Might Have" Monday

I might have spent all weekend taking care of my sick (sick as in "ill" not sick as in "gross") family. I might have been sick too, but when you're the Mom, you don't really get the opportunity to just be sick because you're too busy taking care of everyone else [insert pouty face and self pity here]. And then, as I discovered this morning, when everyone else is feeling well enough to "do their thing" (go to school  and work) you're left at home - still not feeling well because you had no time to get better. Jeff (bless his heart) looked at me as he was walking out the door and said, "Get some rest today, babe." Apparently he forgot that there's no opportunity for this so called "rest" when you have a three year old in the house (well, unless you have a wife taking care of said three year old). 

Today (despite what the previous paragraph might imply) instead of laying around feeling sorry for myself, I'm choosing to lay around and be thankful. Thankful that I have a family to take care of when they're sick. I'm thankful that I have a mighty God who pays attention to the details of my life and listens to my complaints heart. And let's be honest, I'm pretty thankful to have a three year old who will watch cartoons for two hours straight while I curl up on the couch under my heating blanket trying to get some "rest."

Happy Monday, everyone!

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