Friday, March 11, 2011

Fit Friday

I haven't written a "Fit Friday" post in a couple of weeks because well, I haven't been feeling all that fit (or been making that huge of an attempt to get there either). I'm not proud of it, but sometimes life just gets in the way (and by "life" I obviously mean "ice cream").

So anyway, I'm getting back on track. I gave up refined sugar for lent. I actually started it on Monday, so I'm officially 4 days off sugar. It feels good to not have that constant craving all.the.time (because I was/am ADDICTED to that crap), but it's hard because I can feel myself trying to fill that craving gap with wine other things and that sort of defeats the whole purpose. I want to do this as a sacrifice to the Lord, as a reminder to myself all that He has given up for me because He loves me so much and not simply exchange what I'm giving up for something else.

That's where I'm at. Today I'm starting my running program again (and again, by "running" I obviously mean "jogging a touch faster than a walk") and I'm excited about this. I can't jump in to any program and expect to change everything all at once. I know myself enough to know that I will get burned out and quit and then feel even worse about myself, so I'm going slow (figuratively and literally).

A friend of mine mentioned the other day that "doing something (as small as that something may be) is better than nothing" so I'm starting with a little something instead of getting fed up and doing nothing. I can't do nothingNothing obviously hasn't been working out for me. So, back to drinking 64 oz of water a day, running (jogging) 3x/week and no refined sugar. Something has gotta give.

Even though this isn't super inspiring (or inspiring at all) I'm trying to keep it real and just be honest about where I'm at, even though it's a little (a lot) embarrassing.



  1. Everyone struggles, it's the perseverance that counts. I'm proud of you, giving up sugar is tough. I can't have much of it anymore (cause everything has corn syrup) and even the little I do have would be hard to be done with. Keep it up, you'll get there & we can eat apples/peanut butter for snacking while chatting in April :)

  2. I'm SO excited!! (About April and hanging with "the whole gaing" again! YAY!!!)

    Thanks for the encouragement. It was funny when I was trying to decide on what to give up. I felt like sugar came to my head (heart?) first but then I immediately ran through all the events that are happening between now and Easter and I was talking myself out of it claiming it would just be too hard - but HELLO!? I'm doing it for the Lord - NOTHING should be too hard (nothing even comes close to comparing to what He's given me), especially since He's going to help me through it! So, here I go. I actually feel better already, not thinking all day what I'm going to sit down and eat to relax with as soon as the kids are in bed. It's nice, actually. :) Difficult, but nice.

  3. Good for you! One of my mottos is "You gotta start somewhere!"

  4. Yes, that's a good one too, Sara! (Only my "somewhere" seems to come around every Monday...) ;)