Monday, March 14, 2011

The One Where I Was A Copy-Cat

I'm borrowing this from my sister who did sort of an "about me" as her last post and I loved reading it! (And not just because she said I was her favorite blogger...)

So, here it goes - join us, I can't wait to read yours!
  • Favorite time of day - Evening. My time with the kids AND Jeff is priceless to me.
  • Favorite season - Fall (by far!)
  • Favorite month - October
  • Favorite holiday - Thanksgiving (it's all about family, and simply being together and being thankful - how awesome is that!?)
  • Favorite subject in school - English
  • Favorite channel - HGTV
  • Favorite color - Green and purple. And blue. And orange. I like a lot of colors.
  • Favorite song - Alli Rogers "Who Is This God"
  • Favorite movie - Blindside
  • Favorite celebrity - Julia Roberts, Rachael McAdams and Mark Ruffalo
  • Favorite kind of music - I don't know - depends on my mood really.
  • Favorite tv show - Parenthood
  • Favorite thing to do - Going on a date with my husband. They are few and far between these days.
  • Favorite place in the world to be - My husband's arms (did you just throw up in your mouth?)
  • Favorite hobby - What's a hobby again??
  • Favorite kind of animal - Dogs - big dogs. I don't care too much for the small lap dogs that seem (to me) to be more of like glorified cats. (One exception: My brother's Min-Pin, Mina.... now that she doesn't try to eat my children anymore.)
  • Favorite place to live - In the country
  • Favorite place to vacation - Vacation... hhmmm. I haven't had enough of these to make a solid decision.
  • Favorite restaurant - I don't really have one... but I like most of them since it means I'm not cooking or cleaning.
  • Favorite food - Lasagna
  • Favorite thing to cook - Lasagna
  • Favorite drink - Coffee
  • Favorite chore - Vacuuming
  • Favorite makeup - Bare Essentials/Minerals
  • Favorite hair products - Biolage
  • Favorite lotion - Victoria's Secret, Very Sexy
  • Favorite perfume - If I don't smell like bananas, glue sticks, or a cleaning product I don't complain...
  • Favorite memory - When Jeff and I graduated from college, because they were both such proud moments for us (we had worked together so hard to make it happen) and it was great to see how proud our parents were of both of us, too.
  • Favorite blogger - Way too hard to pick just one! (Jackie, Brittany, Renee, Allison, and Katherine to name a few)
  • Favorite thing to blog about - My crazy-awesome kids!
  • Favorite book - "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers
  • Favorite Verse - Romans 8:28
  • Favorite thing to wear - Cardigans and Converse
  • Favorite kind of day - Rainy day spent inside with family (fire in the fireplace, playing cards, dinner in the oven, coffee brewing, wearing jeans and a hoodie - perfection)
  • Favorite job - Raising babies with my hero-hubby
Your turn!


  1. What the wha? I made the list? I *have* arrived. :) Now I just need to get paid for this stuff and I'll be set! Haha.

    I love this idea and may be stowing it away for a time when I'm too busy to be original...again. Haha.

  2. Yes of course you made the list!! You got me started AND I *love* reading about (and seeing pictures of) sweet Rylee (since it's completely silly that we don't SEE each other in real life hardly ever!). :)

    I loved the idea as well, especially since even though I'm rarely too busy to be original, naturally I'm just not. Ha!

  3. Hey, you like me? You really like me!

    Great post. I may "borrow" it as well. And, soon.

  4. Why is everyone so surprised!? I love you guys!!! :)

    And I hope you do borrow it - I want to read your answers!

  5. I have been thinking of doing something along these lines as well, a 25 random facts kinda thing. Of course I've been thinking about it for a month so we'll see if it happens lol. This was a fun post lady.

  6. I loved reading your list! We have so much in common...I love fall,especially October, Thanksgiving is my favorite too, converse and cardigan (or hoodie) is my everyday uniform. And the date nights....yes, few and far between! I figure we'll have plenty of years for those, right?!! Thanks for sharing this! fun!!