Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Growing A Brain

I've been telling Jack lately that he needs to play (or color, or do puzzles, etc.) in order for his brain to grow so that when it's time for him to go to school he'll be ready to learn - just like the big kids (because he's been obsessed with cartoons lately - but luckily he's also always obsessed with being just like the older kids).

He was STOKED about this new concept (of brain growth) and after running of to play with toys for a while he would run back to me saying, "Can you see my brain growing, Mommy!? It's getting bigger! YAY for going to school!"

Sweet little guy.

He was so excited about it all that while I was folding clothes and watching HGTV yesterday, he ran up to me and said, "Mommy! Your brain won't grow if you watch that!" To which I promptly replied, "It's okay, I can watch all I want - Mommy is all done with school." Ahem.

Anyway, I was so ecstatic about how well this was all working out and how excited he was getting about not watching cartoons until this morning when he plopped his little body on the couch and just blurted out, "I don't care if my brain grows tiny. I miss Curious George."

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