Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning Something New

I found something out this weekend... My Mom knows how to knit!


Not me, or I wouldn't have spent countless hours on you-tube watching tutorials on how to do it and then trying to click the mouse to pause the video with needles and yarn tangled between my fingers.

She walked in our house on Saturday, saw my knitting stuff in my basket and exclaimed, "Karey! You're knitting!? I know how to do that!" And just started off with some yarn. My jaw hit the ground. She does know how! But later, when she claimed that she could also still rock at roller skating if she wanted to, I didn't take her quite so serious. {We'll have to see that one proven, Mom.}

A few minutes later, while she's cruising along with some extra needles and yarn that I have, she asked to see what I've done so far. Apparently, this is where I should have just taken a seat. But I didn't. I excitedly grabbed my roll (ball?) of yarn with my start-of-a-scarf attached and proudly lift it up so she could see.

{This is after I pulled out most of it, but you get the idea. It wasn't pretty.}
She exploded into laughter. And not the I'm-laughing-with-you kind. The other kind.

Even though she knows I'm just beginning, she couldn't help but look at my work and bust a gut. Apparently it's just that pathetic. {I'll admit, I was wondering what I was doing wrong, but you-tube doesn't have a question-and-answer tutorial for knitting mess-ups so I just kept plugging away at it hoping it would end up looking better. It didn't.}

So, after the laughing died down and I was done taking pictures of my lame misshaped scarf-start my Mom helped me see what I was doing wrong, and then got me started on a new scarf.

All-in-all a good afternoon (especially since laughing burns calories). I learned something new about my Mom, and she got to teach me (yet again) something new as well (how to knit in a straight line which, apparently, is crucial to a successful  knitting experience).

Thank you, Mom.


  1. Seriously, after the way you talked about it I expected much worse. It looks like your stitches were ok, there were just a bit too double lol. I should have kept my original "testers" so you could have seen how bad I was at first, I just took them all out lol. I am SO excited you are doing knitting, maybe we can Skype knit together, hahaha- that *might* be a little, but sad lol Love you!

  2. Neener, hate to say it but, yeah, that'd be a little sad. ( :

    Karey, your pathetic attempt at knitting is better than mine--I've never tried!

    Everyone has to start somewhere!

  3. Yes, in my defense I was shocked she was laughing so hard. It was pretty funny, though. Skype-knitting - HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    And Jackie, you should try it, but just don't show it to my Mom... it can be hard on the self esteem. ;)

  4. That was so funny, I am still laughing!!! I think it looks like a flower basket, why don't you knit some flowers to put in it!! BUT I am so proud of you for trying!! Don't give it up!!

  5. LOL It's ok, it would be sad, except that we would laugh so much it would be funny too. Just so long as we didn't tell anyone HAHAHA!