Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend WIN!

After barely making it through Friday We had a remarkable weekend!
Saturday morning we got up WAY before the sun (which I'm pretty sure is illegal in most states - no?). Jeff and I woke up at 4:30am to get dressed quickly and pack the Suburban because we were taking the kids CLAMMING (a first for us all)! Jeff's brother John met us at our house at 5:20am and after getting the kids up and all bundled and ready for a (possibly rainy) day at the beach we grabbed some coffee and headed out.

Can I just say it was perfect? Because it really was. It was so much fun! It wasn't windy, it didn't rain, there wasn't anyone else around, and we all had a blast.

{Our gear's all ready to go!}

{Uncle John, Carter and Jack}


{Uncle John and Carter}

{Jeff and Jackson}

{See? I was there!}

Immediately after clamming and hitting Dutch Bro's for some hot cocoa we headed to Jeff's parent's house for some cards, March Madness, a long walk, and a warm fire. It was a great day!

Sunday we slept in (oops) and my brother Zach came over with a friend of his while they were down in Eugene visiting from Portland. It was so nea to see the kids get so excited to see him (and by "see him" I mean "clobber him"). After their visit, we took the kids to town to see their (our) first 3D movie at he $1.50 theater - again, major hit! On the way home, my husband (who must love me more than anything) drove us to a thrift store where we browsed for about 45 minutes (!) and each found at least one thing we considered a treasure (a pair of name brand jeans that fit perfectly for $4? Holla!).

After thrifting our little hearts out, we stopped and grabbed a RedBox movie to watch after the kids were in bed.

Jeff took today (Monday) and tomorrow off of work for an extended weekend and the kids will be spending the night tonight with my parents (again - HOLLA!) so we'll get a date night (yay!).

Seriously - SUCH a good (much needed) weekend. Apparently the kids enjoyed it too, because on the way home last night Natalie could hardly contain her excitement as she said, "Wow! I have so much to write about for my 'Spring Break' entry in my journal at school next week! This is awesome!"



  1. First, when I saw some of the pics on facebook, I thought they were all of Jeff, didn't even notice they were of John!

    Second, sounds like fun! Seriously!

    I love it when the kids are truly grateful and appreciative of the fun family times! It makes it much easier for the parents when the kids' hearts are in the right place!

  2. Ha! That's funny Jackie - only I had to look closely at who was in which picture, too. They look like twins! :)

    Yes, the weekend was great, but I still couldn't help but sing the song lyrics, "Back to life, back to reality" when we were on our way to pick up the kids from my parents this afternoon... At least I'm refreshed and ready for the rest of Spring Break now!

  3. So happy for your little family and all the great memories you made!

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!! I have always wanted to try clamming!! And thrifting....that's my kind of afternoon!! Your husband is so sweet to go along!! :)