Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm gonna take a guess that...

  • ...the the first reason stated in the email titled, "Top 3 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight" was "You Delete These Emails!"

  • ...my kids start screaming at each other and throwing fits the second I'm talking to any doctor, dentist, or social services employee on the phone because they want to see how fast they can make my head literally explode into a million pieces.

  • ...the high school student in the school office this morning who was wondering if her outfit was within the dress-code already knew the answer before she walked in there. Seriously sweetheart, if you have to ask...

  • ...when I ask my kids if they want to sit in a time out the answer is always going to be a whiny, "Nooooo!" So, why do I find myself still asking?!

  • ...not everyone would classify the activities I do to stretch out my jeans as exercise - but I do. Hello - Yoga, anyone!?

  • ...when I signed in to volunteer at the school this morning and wrote down the date as, "February 29, 2010" it was just because I was so tired - not because I didn't remember that the 29th of February isn't even a day this year. I promise it was the exhaustion... Promise.

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