Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have three posts saved that I've written this week. There is a reason they're still in my "saved" section instead of on the blog.

They're all so... negative. (I have not been feeling well - and it has continued in full force this week.)

Here's a quick update:
After an impromptu doctor's appointment on Friday, a quick ultrasound and some testing, we've discovered that even though I've been feeling horrible not-so-great, baby boy is indeed fine (doing great actually, which makes my heart so happy!), my body has just been through the ringer the past 9 years with 3 c-sections and an appendectomy surgery that ended up slicing my stomach open from my belly button down to my c-section scars (7 weeks after Natalie was born)... and all these surgeries have left A LOT of scar tissue behind. As my close your ears, Jeff uterus expands it is stretching the scar tissue and causing a ton of pain. So, I can't lift Jack anymore, I need to slow down (as in no more semi-intense workouts - we're down to walking, folks) and we'll "see how it goes."

Oh, and the doctor might have made mention that having any more biological children is not a good idea. Ha. Hahahahahaha! Duly noted, Doc.

Okay, moving right along - like I said, this is not going to be a negative post.

I woke up feeling great this morning. I literally leaped out of bed (once I realized I didn't feel like throwing up), took a shower (and sang - I felt so good!), then cleaned the kitchen, got the kids ready for school, started some laundry, paid some bills, made banana bread with Jack and sat with a cup of coffee and spent an hour and a half catching up on doing my Bible Study. Pure bliss, I tell you!

I'm thinking that maybe it's taking all of these days of not feeling well to appreciate the days that I do.

And today I really, really do. And I am indeed so thankful!

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  1. So happy to see your post! Glad you are feeling better today and my new nephew is doing well! Love you!