Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

- I think insecurity comes when we try to find our security in anything but Jesus.

- I think that I'm in need of a night away with my husband (which makes it super convenient that that is exactly what I'm getting tonight).

- I think that it would be impossible for me to love my kids any more than I already do (although every day I wake up and somehow my heart has grown a little bit more). Even the precious little guy that I haven't met yet - he already completely owns my heart (and my bladder at the moment). My family is my world (it is my honor that they are my full-time job - the best investment I could ever make in my life is in my kids and I don't regret for a second the time I've put into them) and there is nothing - nothing - more important to me than the blessing of the husband and children that the Lord has graced me with.

- I think that good health generally isn't appreciated until it's been compromised a little. And let me tell you, this week has sure been a test of that in our household. (And once I'm feeling 100% again, I'm going to appreciate the heck out of it!)

- I think I like avacados a little too much (although now that I think about it, is that even possible? I mean, really?).

- I think maintaining a clean house is much easier than getting a house clean. Why is that so hard to remember?!

What are a few of your random Thursday thoughts?

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