Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Silver Lining

I've got all my kids home today. Yesterday it was just Natalie and Jack (who is always home with me) and this morning Natalie left for school and it was Carter that wasn't feeling well... But shortly after school started, Natalie called home. Still sick.

So, it's fevers for both the older kids while Jack maintains his insane energy and I try to catch up on laundry and keep the house semi-put together while still taking care of the kids who am I kidding?.

Oh, and Jeff left this morning for 6 days in Pennsylvania (work, not vacation mind you). But my sweet husband buying these for me to gaze at while he's gone certainly eased the fact that he had to leave:

Dasies are my FAVORITE!
Anyway, I'm really glad he got away before catching whatever the kids have because honestly it doesn't look all that fun. Poor littles.

That being said, there is definitely a silver lining when it comes to the kids being sick (am I the only Mom who would rather the kids be sick than be sick herself? Nothing slows down when Mom's sick!) ...and this is it:

My sweet seven-year-old asleep on my bed at 10:45am in the glorious sunshine. Nothing slows that kid down. Except a low-grade fever. And Carter? (In Jack's words..)"Him gots one." 


  1. It's amazing how calm and peaceful he looks while sleeping. :) I hope Natalie and Carter get better before you and Jack catch it!

  2. He looks so big, laying there! My (soon to be) seven year old is also down today. And, NOTHING ever gets Jarrett down. He's asleep in the middle of the day. Often,we are lucky if he sleeps in the middle of the night. Seriously, the kid never sleeps and never seems to need it. Until he gets sick.
    I hope all the sickies feel better very soon, as much as you love the cuddles. And, that you, little momma,don't "gots one".

    P.S. I am curious how your living arrangements are, out at your folks'? I picture "living with my parents" to mean that you have a bedroom, maybe two, but share all other living areas. But, I get the feeling it's a tad better than that? Are they home during the day, too? It's none of my business...but I often ask questions that aren't my business. ( :