Friday, February 17, 2012

Kid Quote(s)

We've been taking temperatures around here like crazy (I might be a little obsessive - even though I don't medicate for fevers). Our thermometer lights up with green, yellow, or red as it shows the temperature so if you 're four years old? you can see how bad it is.

This morning I asked Jack how he was feeling. He immediately grabs the thermometer, takes his temperature, looks back at me and simply says, "I'm yellow."


This afternoon, while taking a bath, Carter dunks his whole body under the water and exclaims, "Look, Mom! I'm getting bath-tized!!!"


And yesterday (when taking a 30 minute drive one way to pick up some movies so my kids would stop fighting for the love of their mother's sanity! lay still and allow their bodies to rest and get better) Natalie was drinking a hot chocolate from (as the kids call it) "Dutch Bra's" she says, "This is soooo good! It's like Santa made it or something!"

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