Sunday, February 26, 2012

morning with my monkeys

We stayed home today (instead of going to church) because someone (ahem, me) still isn't feeling well and Jeff had to work all weekend just like last weekend, total bummer! so the kids and I are home. But honestly? I just love being home on relaxing weekend mornings. We all snuggled in bed this morning and ate bananas (to put off getting up and actually making breakfast) while watching "Fly Away Home" (for the gazillionth time) laughing and simply enjoying each other's company in fleece sheets and footy pj's.

Now the kids are full of energy (after bacon, hash browns, and eggs) and playing together in the living room. The stuff they come up with to "play" is just hysterical. The "tripping game"? Seriously. No kid focused electronics needed in this house - we've got the "Tripping Game!"

They've also taken to making up songs on the piano (no professional lessons as of yet) and I love it when they get ready to practice and say things like, "Okay, you guys! Assume your piano playing positions!" to each other. Carter always takes the melody while Natalie plays the high notes and they assign Jack to one low note that he's allowed to play only when cued to do so. It's hilarious!

It's kind of funny how just a few short months ago I could look at the three of them and they looked so.... complete. It was Natalie, Carter and Jack. That was a full sentence. Then all of a sudden after one pee test and a two minute wait there was no question that something was missing. As I hear the kids giggling and tearing up the place playing I'm filled with anticipation as to what it's going to be like when there's one more in the mix - filling my heart with everything that each beautiful child does in their own unique way.

This morning is good. Great, actually. I'm enjoying my snuggles, "tripping" games, and piano recitals and dreaming of how it's just going to keep getting better with each added blessing.


  1. And this aunt is seriously ready to hold that little blessing of yours!!! Oh I want summer here sooooo bad!! I've been distracting myself with more baby things than possibly imaginable. Can't wait to meet your little guy and get some snuggle time!

  2. Hope you guys get back to 100% soon!

    Can't wait to meet your blessing and get some good "baby smell" nose hits!