Monday, July 23, 2012

Fit Friday (on Monday)

I'm officially 8 weeks post pregnancy. But I am officially not even close to pre-pregnancy weight (about 20 pounds to lose still - YUCK!) so I'm reinstating my Fit Friday posts.

For reals.

I've already started getting on the scale (and already lost about 20 pounds), already started working out, I'm getting back into the habit of keeping track of what I eat, so all good steps forward but I'm ready to have a little more accountability (i.e. YOU GUYS to report to) to help me keep this jump-start rolling.

There you have it.

Ultimate goal (a bit further than pre-pregnancy weight)? Lose 35 lbs. ...and GO!


Total Lost: 20 lbs.
Still to lose: 35 lbs.

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