Thursday, July 26, 2012


Today feels totally summer. Most likely because (as it's the end of July) it is totally summer.

The kids and I got up early at about 8am and did chores and then threw some food in our tummies, clothes on our backs, bottoms in the car and headed out for some blueberry picking before the heat hit.

We went to an orchard (patch?) that I heard about from a friend but hadn't gone to yet. Seriously, there were so many big huge berries, the fields were beautifully manicured, and the bushes were so easy to pick from that we managed to pick over 15 pounds of  berries in 45 minutes (with a 9 week old infant in tow). To top it off, this week the berries were only $1/pound (normally $1.50/pound) - FTW!

We had so much fun just hanging out (eating berries), laughing (eating berries), and I answered no less than a bazillion from-the-four-year-old questions (eating berries).

After not throwing up yay! finishing at the blueberry farm we headed to Costco (since we were already in town), grabbed some lunch (nursed in yet another parking lot), and then headed home (after a coffee run of course).

When we got home, the kids volunteered to "watch" the baby (ie: Natalie watches the baby as the boys watch Natalie do it) while I mowed the lawn (exercise plus sun on my white legs - another win!) and then we went for a long walk (more exercise!) while we waited for Jeff to come home from work so we could have dinner and a relaxing evening (bagging blueberries for the freezer).

I just love days like this. My kids get along (they usually do anyway, but on days like these they're especially...chipper) and we just genuinly have a good time. Especially in the summer.

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